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More God-talkin' films

Here's some more miscellaneous movie news about films in the making with the potential to bring God-talk into the open spaces, including pics of the ark of Noah, er, I mean Evan, Jet Li's new flick, and the news of a Latin American classic coming to the big screen:

1. Here are some more photos from Evan Almighty, a film this blog’s been following. These photos are of the massive ark—they really went all out on this one. What’s the film about? It’s the sequel to Bruce Almighty, only this time God (Morgan Freeman) taps on the shoulder of Evan (the smarmy news anchor played by Steve Carell). For more about the film on this blog, see here and here and here.

2. The Hollywood Reporter via Reuters has an early review of another film this blog’s got on its list, Jet Li’s Fearless—and the review’s a good one (with some reservations). I’m really beginning to look forward to this one. It’s been released in Asia already but has an Aug. 4 release date in the U.S.

3. Cinecon reports that Love in the Time of Cholera (a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, whose short stories along with those of Jorge Luis Borges I stumbled upon in an undergraduate Latin American lit class and thus began my lifelong love of Latin lit) is making its way to the big screen. The novel, according to Wikipedia (can I ever I heap enough praise on this entity?!), is “written in Márquez's trademark form of magical realism, [and] deeply explores the idea that suffering for love is a kind of nobility.” The film follows the plot of the novel, according to Cinecon: “unrequited love follows a romantic named Florentino ([Javier] Bardem) who spends his life building his wealth and reputation with the hopes that someday, the girl of his dreams, Fermina, will fall in love with him. . . . Mike Newell (Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire) is directing.” While not Christian, a film made from this novel and carrying its themes has great potential to bring God-talk into open spaces.

And from the plethora of Hollywood news comes these two tidbits: apparently Britney Spears has rejected kabbalah and is now studying with a Christian life coach (for some reason, perhaps having to do with MasterMediaIntl, I have a soft spot in my heart for this chick) and Angelina Jolie admits she gives away one-third of her income to charity (which, no matter what you think of Jolie personally, should be convicting to a lot of Christians—including me). BTW, if you are interested in taking the objects of these two stories a little more seriously from a Christian perspective, consider what MasterMedia International's Larry Poland has to say about media leaders and cultural influencers in Hollywood--and it's not the typical evangelical line.