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More updates on God-talk films

Mel Gibson's Apocolypto (a film this blog’s been following) has finally come out with a one-sheet poster (see right).

ComingSoon reports that Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix has begun shooting in England. ComingSoon also reports that Helena Bonham Carter is Bellatrix Lestrange, Oldman is returning as Sirius Black, Professor Grubbly Plank is Apple Brook and the final installment in book form is due out in 2007. Why is this film on a God-talk blog? Check out Redeeming Harry Potter or this book for starters.

Superman Returns has come out with a new trailer attached to X3: The Last Stand (see this blog’s thoughts on that one here), some new TV spots and the news that it is opening June 28 instead of June 30 (to gain extra few days before the July 7 release of the second installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga).

Evan Almighty (Bruce Almighty sequel that’s gone the way of Noah and the Ark) news is scattered, but here’s a picture of the ark Evan builds and some info on the adventure of filming animals (yes, it appears this Ark is the real thing) both real and CGI.

Cinecom is a fountain of news when it comes to new films this blog will watch (some with more God-talk potential than others), including The Tale of Despereaux (a wonderful novel which could make a great film), a Logan’s Run remake (lots of potential God-talk in that one), and the news that Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern is heading for the big screen.

Then there’s always the new Star Trek movie with J.J. Abrams (of Lost, Alias and MI:3 fame), which appears to be focusing on the academy years of Kirk and friends. Or the news that the Star Wars TV series spin-off is looking more likely: apparently the series will cover the years between Episodes III and IV—but we’ll have to wait until 2008 to see them.

For a more reflective fare, try the NY Times article "God and Man on Screen: Big Questions as Entertainment," which takes a more jaded look at the let’s-do-religion trend in Hollywood (including this quote: “This satire [Saved!] makes clear what the current religious-themed films say in a more subversive way: faith may (or may not) be deep, but organized religion can be devilish.”)

(Image: Touchstone/Icon)