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The Passion of the Ark (or something like that)

Christianity Today takes a look at Tom Shadyac, a filmmaker (and Christian) whose films include Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, Patch Adams, Dragonfly, and Bruce Almighty. Trailing at the end of the article is this tidbit:

Will Evan Pick Up Where Bruce Left Off?

Due this Christmas, Evan Almighty will be the first sequel Shadyac will direct, if it can truly be called a sequel. The plan, hopefully, is that it will be the second in a series of parabolic films in which supernatural events affect ordinary people.

Originally titled The Passion of the Ark, Shadyac thankfully changed it when Carrey refused to play Bruce again and the lead fell to Steve Carell (Evan in Bruce Almighty). Evan is contacted by God (Freeman again) to build an ark for the sequel to the Great Flood.

Based on his work so far, we can expect more hysterical and supernatural explorations of humanity for all it is, journeys toward redemption, and love stories from Tom Shadyac.

In case you don't remember Evan Baxter, he was the newscaster. Yet another movie to add to my watch list!