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Two more join 'Almighty' sequel

Evan Almighty, the Bruce Almighty sequel that this blog has been following, has got itself a couple of new additions to the cast. Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham has been cast as the wife of Steve Carell’s Evan Baxter (the title’s namesake) and John Goodman has been added as a congressman who mentors Carell’s character. Morgan Freeman is reprising his role as God. In the film, Evan Baxter, the babbling anchorman of the previous film, has become a politician and gets an audience with God, who instructs him to build an ark. Christianity Today ran an article about director Tom Shadyac and his previous films and concludes: “Based on his work so far, we can expect more hysterical and supernatural explorations of humanity for all it is, journeys toward redemption, and love stories from Tom Shadyac."