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Another film to add to your watch-list

This blog has a deep interest in Asian epic martial arts films, so here’s the latest on another one I’m following. Hollywood News has the trailer for Jet Li’s Fearless online (larger versions of the trailer and teaser are also available at the film’s website—they just take a bit longer to download). I saw one of these (I can’t remember which one, ack) either before X3 or DaVinci Code. The plot? According to Hollywood News:
Based on a true story, Jet Li's 'Fearless' tells the life of legendary martial arts master Huo Yuanjia.

Deeply humiliated by his father's death in a public duel, a young Huo resolves to become the best fighter he can be. But soon his incredible fighting skills cost him the lives of the people he loves most when his family are killed in a brutal revenge attack. Yuanjia flees, no longer caring whether he lives or dies. Just as he is ready to give up hope, he is saved by Granny Sun and her blind granddaughter who accept him into the idyllic village where they live.

Guided by their simple kindness and generosity, Yuanjia finds a new way of life and discovers something truly worth fighting for.
Who was Huo Yuan Jia? According to Wikipedia (which has a fairly extensive background), Huo is “considered a hero by some Chinese for his defeat of foreign wrestlers, boxers, and judoka in highly publicized matches at a time when Chinese sovereignty was being eroded by foreign concessions and spheres of influence.” The film takes some historic license (you can read about some family members’ concerns at Wikipedia), but (at least from the trailer) the story promises to be fantastic.

So, why is it on a God-talk blog? As I’ve said before, when these films are at their best they resonate on many levels: good versus evil, sacrifice versus fulfillment, forgiveness versus revenge, love versus fear—all themes that relate to faith and God-talk.

One more interesting note: Jet Li has also said this will be his last martial arts film. Li is phenomenal in his martial arts and won numerous awards in competitions before he became an actor. I remember the first time I watched him that he reminded me much of Bruce Lee.

(Image: Rogue Pictures)


graham old said…
That looks really good. Thanks.

I totally agree on the Bruce Lee likeness. It probably helps that the first film I saw him in was a re-make/homage to Lee! However, within moments it was clear that he was a martial artist first and an actor second (which is probably why a number of his more Western films suck!).
Carmen Andres said…
heh, i agree on the acting thing. "hero" is one film i'd give him some kudos on (except that one isn't western), though it wasn't nearly as well done as CTHD. thanks for the comment!