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More big and small screen tidbits

Here are a few more interesting and noteworthy tidbits I’ve run across.

On the big screen end, a couple more of the books on my bookshelf are on their way to the big screen: the Brazilian spiritually-threaded The Alchemist (which I read a couple of years ago in a book club) and the-old-news-I’ve-been-meaning-to-share Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz (whose Searching for God Knows What is one of my favorite books). On the remake end, FilmChat reports that cult-classic Highlander is up for a make-over. Heh, I highly recommended this one-of-my-favs movie to my best friend many years back, who reported later that she and her husband laughed all the way through it. Ouch. Not the response they were supposed to have, heh. Peter Chattaway also blogged through Spielburg’s Close Encounters in prep for his early screening of the Spielburg-Lucas Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (but has breathed nary a word on that screening—what’s up with that?!). Speaking of the latest Indy film (which this blogger will see this weekend), Looking Closer’s Jeffrey Overstreet has a review up over at Christianity Today and Rotten Tomatoes has it running at 79% (huh, that’s not as good as Iron Man). Also, check out the bloggy reviews of Prince Caspian by C-Orthodoxy, Peregrin Pages and Church of the Masses. Oh, and check out the new Hellboy II poster above (hat tip to Looking Closer)!

On the small screen end, well, there’s a sneak peek at CW’s updated 90210. Oiy, I feel old. Also, Lost and BSG are coming up on their final episodes for the season in the next week or two. Oh, if you get A&E, they're debuting a remake of the sci-fi classic The Andromeda Strain this weekend.

Oh, and check out the top 10 spiritual characters in television and film science fiction at BeliefNet (hat tip Claw of the Conciliator). I’m partial to 5, 7 and 10 myself—I even tested as one once. Heh.

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Lauren W said…
C- We're going to see Indy tonight and I have thought of you many times. I am looking forward to seeing what Christian parallels you find in there. I need you to help me find those, because I will just be entertained by the bullwhip. Sadly.
Carmen Andres said…
heh, i'm not sure there will be many parallels there - and i'll be fighting my own distraction with that fedora! wish we we could double on this one, we sure do miss you guys. we mention and think about you often. much love.
Troy said…
I saw the original Andromedia Strain a couple of months ago.
I will watch the new one, but the styling of the first movie is what made it so enjoyable. They see they won't be able to capture the early 70's tone of the first one so they don't appear to try.

It should be a good watch.
Ken Brown said…
So what'd you think of Indy IV? I caught it this afternoon - fun, but even more extravagantly unbelievable than the first three! I don’t know what to make of it… :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for referencing my blog. I really appreciate that. I saw Indy on Friday night and reviewed it as well. I am really interested in reading what you think of it.

Thanks again and have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Anonymous said…
Sorry. forgot to give you the link to my review of Indy:
Carmen Andres said…
i'm hoping to catch "adromeda strain" tonight!

as to "indy," urm. i'll have to write up my thoughts on that one soon! i'll stop by your blog, joseph, after i've typed up my thoughts!
Anonymous said…
I watched the first installment of the Andromeda Strain last night and I really liked it. I am not familiar with the original, but I will have to go out and rent it for comparison.