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Some small and big screen tidbits

It's been awhile since I've posted a collection of small and/or big screen links and tidbits, but here are the latest ones I’ve found worth noting.

On the big screen end, I’m a Bronte sisters admirer, so I just about cheered when I saw Jane Eyre is coming to the big screen again, this time with Juno’s Ellen Page slated to play the lead role (Wuthering Heights is already on its way). For those of you who plan to see Prince Caspian this weekend, check out Peter Chattaway’s review at Christianity Today, where he lays out the good and bad of this film adaptation of the classic. On his blog, Chattaway continues teasing us with bits and pieces concerning the upcoming Indiana Jones film. At C. Orthodoxy, Ken lays out why he watches chick flicks and contemplates Atonement (a film I’ve yet to see). Over at Peregrin Pages, Joseph contemplates gray areas and whether or not Christians should watch rated R movies.

In the small screen arena, I pleased to announce that two series that have brought God-talk into the open spaces of this blog are returning for second seasons: Reaper will be returning to the CW for a 13-episode run and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be back on FOX. And for you Lost fans, you must check out this mind-bending theory which attempts to explain what the heck is really going on (hat tip to Exploring our Matrix). Seriously, it’s impressive; I couldn't help but consider it as Ben stood so inconceivably confident in front of those goons at the Orchid in last night's episode. And for you Battlestar Galactica addicts, Barbara Nicolosi continues to post excellent insights into the series.

And, head’s up, the Mummy 3 trailer comes out today!

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Don said…
Jasons time travel theory has got to be so close. It all works. I love time travel books, movies, and theories. As a pastor/theologian I have seen a whole theology of recompense for evil and suffering hidden under the storyline of scripture. I am so excited about Caspian, Indiana Jones, Whoopee lets go the the movies!


Don in AZ
Carmen Andres said…
i agree, don! that theory accounts for everything AND it's dang impressive too. it overlapped the entire show for me last night and everything fit tight and snug. i've got a good idea of what the final episode will look like if jason's theory is correct - i'm going to take a bit to work it all the way through and then i'll post it (if jason hasn't already come up with it, too, heh - i'll have to dig through his whole site). the whole theory got me rethinking through the suffering, evil and redemption moments again, too.

i'm telling you folks, if you are remotely interested in Lost, you gotta check out that theory!