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New 'Hellboy 2' trailer!

And here it is!

So, why follow this film on this blog? Heh, I must admit I'm looking forward to this film about as much as Indy IV and Mummy III--two of my favorite franchises. I didn't see the first Hellboy until late last year, but by then I'd already seen Pan's Labyrinth, which made me a fan of Guillermo del Toro. Plus, like other comicbook films (perhaps more so), this film has language and subject matter that has a good chance of bringing God-talk into open spaces.


Ken Brown said…
Excellent! I loved Hellboy (first saw it on cable last year), and this one looks at least as good...

Sadly it's likely to be a long while before I see it - not my wife's kind of movie at all. *sigh*
Carmen Andres said…
heh, we wives tend to do that. while the tastes of my husband and i on film, tv and books may overlap, my poor husband doesn't listen to most of his music library (except on his ipod) as most of it just isn't my kind of music :)