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Going alpha? Nah.

I haven't been blogging much lately. Periodically, I get what I call the "home and garden bug," where I just want to spend time rearranging furniture, making gourmet (well, okay, not gourmet) meals, doing creative things with the kids and other such things. So far, I've cooked several meals on our new (and very-on-sale-we-were-so-lucky) gas grill, hung some shears on the bedroom windows (which I also got a great deal on), planted some flower and vegetable seeds with my kids (for part of our Genesis study) and unpacked most of the basement. Now lest you think I'm going alpha-mom, I know myself well enough to know this only a very short phase--but I'm going to take advantage of it before my slacker ways return. Which means blogging should return to a more regular schedule in a couple of days, heh.

(Image: public domain)