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Pondering process

Today, I started with my kids what my daughter grinningly refers to as "home-church" (a cross between "house church" and "home school," heh). It's pretty simple, though. We're taking a half hour to an hour every other day or so to spend time going over some Bible stories and truths. Today, we began working through Genesis 1, spending time talking about how God created Light, dividing it from Darkness . As we waded through construction paper and glue (crafts are good, heh), we also pondered on why God didn't just do it all it once - create everything at the same time with a snap of his fingers.
"He must like process," I concluded rather off-handedly.

But that thought stuck with me. And the more I think about that, the more I'm seeing that in other things, too. Nature reflects that: just look at the Grand Canyon. And then there's us: We're born as babies and grow as we go. And then Jesus: He took the same route. And there's the whole Story - the beginning (creation of light to life all in love), middle (the "fall" and God's plan to bring everything back to him) and end (when all is finally re-new). It's all process, a series of movements and changes and tides towards and in his great Masterpiece of Love and Life.

Personally, this gives me more than a bit of comfort. It reminds me that I'm in process, too. I don't have to have it all together now -- in fact, I'm not meant to have it all together now. I am part of that series of movements and changes towards and in his great Masterpiece. And that makes me rest and smile.

So, viva la "home-church". Turns out it's just as much for me as for my kids. But then, that's not surprising, heh. It seems to be the way things go when we walk with Jesus, this learning more than we "teach."

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Isn't that one of the best parts of home-anything? LOL You end up learning as much if not more than THEY do! LOL
Mrs. M said…
Allelujah. That's a beautiful, helpful way of looking at things, and it's certainly one I'm going to try to remember.