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New trailer for 'Nativity'

This is somewhat old news by now, but there is a new trailer out for The Nativity Story, the New Line big-screen adaption of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. (For more on the film, see here and here.) The trailer supports the scuttlebutt surrounding the film—it looks like it’s going to be a good one.

A new insight for me: I may have read about it being included in the film before, but I didn’t really realize until seeing the trailer that the slaughter of the innocents would be included. Recently, Anne Rice’s dealing with that terror in Christ the Lord really drove home the horror of that event for me. It will be difficult to see on film, even if it is part of the story. Sigh.

For more on the film, visit BibleFilmsBlog, where Matt points out in his latest update about the film that a third featurette is available at the web site and that a 250 page novel (of which one of the co-writers is screenwriter Mike Rich) will be released shortly. Also, check out Queen Spoo’s The Nativity Blog.

(Image: New Line)