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Some God-talking film updates

Here are some bits and pieces about four films this blog’s been following:

First up, a couple of unrelated tidbits on The Nativity Story (which, by the way, now has a poster). According to a snippet in a Baptist Press article, the film is apparently garnering big-name evangelical support, particularly from evangelist and author Anne Graham Lotts and National Religious Broadcasters president Frank Wright. Another interesting snippet comes from Wikipedia (although Wiki’s reputation has come under fire of late): “When Mike Rich first told his Pastor about the project he was undertaking, Mike said the Pastor responded by saying ‘that's a project!’ and then immediately put him on the church's prayer chain.” Heh. For more on Nativity, see what this blog has collected here and here.

Next, Warner Bros announced that biblical-plague-and-pestilence-flick The Reaping has been pushed back until a-date-yet-to-be-announced in 2007 (Warner Bro’s search-for-eternity-flick The Fountain has been pushed back as well, but just to Nov. 22). In the meantime, check out’s transcript of a Comic Con interview with The Reaping's Hilary Swank (along with co-star AnnaSophia Robb, director Stephen Hopkins, and producer Joel Silver), in which Swank discusses her attraction to the film and opinions on faith and religion. I won’t even begin to respond. Ack. For more on The Reaping, see here. For more on The Fountain, go here.

Finally, Belief.Net has an interview with Steve Oedekerk, who penned film-this-blog’s-been-following Evan Almighty and wrote and directed the recently released Barnyard. The interview is conducted by an 11-year-old, so some interesting questions (like “Does God look like Morgan Freeman?”) pop up. For a July 31 interview with Steve Carell (who plays the “Evan” in Evan Almighty), see here. If you want more info on Evan, check out this blog’s movie category.

That’s it for now.

(Image: ComingSoon/New Line)