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And the heavens declare His glory

As I've said before, one of the things I love about Alabama is the storms. This afternoon, a thunderstorm cropped up to our west and moved through our area, creating cloud formations (along with thunder, lightening and some greatly needed rain) like this one above my neighborhood.

This isn't the first piece of God's sky-brush art I've gotten lucky enough to capture on "film" (what do you call the pixels on digital cameras, anyway?). Last year, I took the photo below, this formation moving in from the south. Heh, that was also the year I saw my very first tornado just to the west of our neighborhood (well, officially the weather folks determined it a funnel cloud)--only that one I got on video, which aired on the local news. I'll be a storm-chaser yet.

So, what are storms doing on a God-talk blog? Well, if you're a reader of this blog, you know I'm reminded of God by the ocean and the stars (even armadillos and spiders and bugs), but a good storm leaves me in utter, complete awe. For me, the heavens--be they beglittered by stars or painted with cloud-art--really do declare majesty and glory of God. Amen.


Corey said…
Very interesting photos. I actually have been constructing a blog entitled, "The Heavens Declare His Glory". Not a very original name for sure, but the idea behind it is a very important one. We surely can find evidence of God's creative genius in the intricacies of a tiny snowflake or the sheer mass of a galaxy trillions of miles distant.

Anyway, if you have some time please feel free to check my profile and click on that blog.

Blessings and peace!