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Bugs and God-talk

Moving to the South was like moving to a different country in oh-so-many-ways—including the bugs. I’ve never seen a larger variety (both in size and type) of bugs anywhere. Even what I grew up calling "sewer roaches" are bigger here. For a city-raised girl, these bugs are startling (and definately somewhat icky). But I was fascinated with this one, which I found in my backyard this morning while playing with my just-turned-three-today son. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It looks like a leaf—until it moves.

While I’m definitely not a bug-fan, I will say that the stomach-clinching I experience looking at insects like this is very similar to what I experience at places like the Georgia Aquarium (which I blogged about here): “My stomach and heart clinched, and I felt, ever-so-briefly, as if I teetered on the edge of eternity. The creatures in front of me—some literally inches away—were so other-worldly and strange that they were reminiscent of encounters with God. Foreign, yet familiar. Related, but Other.”

I like how God taps me on the shoulder with such ordinary things as this leaf-like bug. Keeps ya humble.