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More freelancing on Isaiah and Mark

As I mentioned before, I am writing a 13-week series of columns for MWR that correspond with scripture used in an international Bible study plan for NCCC member denominations. This time, the series focuses on “the promises of hope found in the words of the prophet Isaiah and the hope found in Christ, the Suffering Servant.” The first nine columns reflect on texts from Isaiah and the last four come from Mark’s gospel. 

I've really enjoyed spending time in these Scriptures--the way Isaiah captures God's grace- and love-full reproach that invites us to once again fall fearlessly into his arms, the reminder that his from-the-beginning plan to give us a way back into the wide open spaces of his Kingdom weaves dramatically through history, and how Jesus wakes us to and gives us that way back. For what it's worth, here are links to the latest of those columns: One who restores, Turn and be saved, Sinners mended, Pay it forward, New state of mind, Let Jesus lead, and Listen to him.