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Freelancing on Isaiah and Mark

I realize I haven’t been posting, and part of the reason for that is a freelance assignment I’ve been working on. Periodically, Mennonite Weekly Review graciously offers me the chance to write a 13-week series of columns that correspond with scripture used in an international Bible study plan for NCCC member denominations. This time, the series focuses on “the promises of hope found in the words of the prophet Isaiah and the hope found in Christ, the Suffering Servant.” The first nine columns reflect on texts from Isaiah and the last four come from Mark’s gospel. MWR has already published four of the columns online: Where is hope? (Isaiah 40), The winter spaces (Isaiah 41), Coming of peace (Isaiah 9 & 11, with a focus on Christmas), and Evidence of love (Isaiah 43). I’ve always loved Isaiah, but I’ve grown in appreciation for the prophets gift of poetic and powerful writing. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite series.