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'Lost' God-talk online

After I wrote up my post on the Lost finale, I started to look around to see how others responded, and here are a few links to articles and musings I’ve found insightful, informative and/or entertaining concerning series and its finale:

Beth Rambo and Ken Brown are big reasons this post is shorter than it could have been. On The Painful Nowning Process (one of the more cleverly named blogs I’ve run across) Beth (who’s a PhD in lit plus a Buffy universe guru) pulls together a solid collection of links to various musings about the finale along with some reflections of her own. At C. Orthodoxy, Ken (who’s soon leaving for Germany to get his own PhD) gives us Lost links to reflections on the redemption themes and reviews by a couple of television critics.

Jason’s post at NonModernLost in the Wrong Motivations or: The Beginning and The End, or the Mystery in the Middle—contains a collection of answers the series provides—and it’s a good list. And for all those questions left unanswered, well, there’s a hilarious video for that (big hat tip to Ken on this one).

At Exploring our Matrix, Dr. James McGrath gives a go at explaining the ending to the series. And speaking of endings, ABC has come out with the “official” explanation for those silent shots of the plane wreckage during the credits.

At his brand new blog, Rob Webster muses on why Lost matters, and over at Christianity Today, Al Hsu tells us what Lost taught us about dying well while Amy Julia Becker writes about one aspect of Christian theology Lost depicts superbly: the power of love—something my own reflection focuses on as well.

And, while Beth and Ken already link to Entertainment Weekly’s Doc Jensen in their posts, I can’t help but feel the man deserves another shout-out—not only for his two-part recap of the finale but for all the depth of scholarship and exploration he’s provided throughout the series. I, for one, will deeply miss the anticipation and pleasure of reading his many-paged day-after recaps. May the mad, beautiful, deep fountain of his knowledge and musing never be corked.

I’m sure I’ll run across more articles and musings worth mentioning, and I’ll try to add them in the comments below as I do. Feel free to do the same. In the meantime, happy reading.

(Image: ABC)