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I resolve

As I mentioned last year, I’m one of those who likes the beginning of a new year, when we have the chance to examine where we’re at, what we’re doing well and what we need or want to change. I find it a biblical thing, a chance to draw our kingdoms more into God’s, to let his Truth become our experience, and to work with him to become more as he created and enabled us to be.

Last year I did something new with my resolutions. I printed them on a small piece of paper and taped it to my mirror so I could see them (at least) every morning and night. It made a difference. It helped to keep those things in front of my thoughts. Interestingly, some of those resolutions integrated themselves into my everyday life and lifestyle (like shedding things and enjoying my daughter). Of course, I didn’t do so well in other things—but I did learn something in the process.

So, this year, I’m doing the same thing. Most are the same as last year (though they may be more specific, rephrased or broken down into more than one), while others are new. For what it’s worth, here are the main things I am focusing on in 2010, in no particular order:

1. Publish more. Aiming for four articles over the next year and at least two blog posts a week.

2. Spend wisely. Be generous. And look for ways to make our footprint smaller.

3. Pay attention to and keep enjoying tweenage daughter’s transition into young woman.

4. Work with God to let his truth become experience: May it be in my life, and dear Lord, let it be in the life of your people. Live with the whole of the Story in mind.

5. Love more and often. And begin by again being more intentional about paying attention.

6. Exercise three times a week. And begin by walking the dog, because he needs exercise too.

7. Keep shedding stuff. And pare down mementos and keepsakes. And create memory boxes for each kid.

8. Learn about wine. And more about photography.

9. Teach my daughter to cook.

10. Be more intentional about teaching kids spiritual disciplines. Aim to teach and practice with them one spiritual discipline a month.

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