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I resolve

I'm one of those who loves this time of year, with its chance to examine where I'm at, what I'm doing well and what I need to change. It is a biblical thing, this pulling of our lives into God's light for examination in order to draw our kingdoms more into his, to let his Truth become our experience, and to work with him to make the changes we need to make in order to move with him that Way. I think we need more of these moments in our lives--and we need to take advantage of them when they come. At least, I do.

Several bloggers I read have already made their resolutions public, so I thought I'd add some of mine, moving them from my heart and mind to the page. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Spend more time simply being with my 10-year-old daughter, who in eight years will be 18.

2. Keep on top of our money and be generous both near and far.

3. Enter a photo contest. Or two.

4. Help my five-year-old son learn to read.

5. Read two books a month, one fiction and one non-fiction.

6. Publish. Anything. I've let that slide way too long.

7. Love more. A lot more.

8. Shed stuff. A lot of stuff.

9. Live more in the present in the Presence.

10. Start jogging. Again.

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Don Hendricks said…
May it all be yours in abundance, and progressively. I love #9, you can't say it more simply. Have you seen "Benjamin Button"? I would be interested in your thoughts. Have you read Gilead? Every word in a feast.


Anonymous said…
All good things my friend.
Carmen Andres said…
thank you, gentlemen!

and, don, no i haven't yet seen "benjamin button" but i have read "gilead" - wonderful novel! perhaps i should read it again as one of my books this year.
Anonymous said…
Do you do an annual reading list? I would love to get a peek at what titles you have on your list for 2009.
Carmen Andres said…
it's short at this point: i am currently (re)reading "the rest of the gospel" by dan stone, and i have tozer's "pursuit of God" on my list, too. i'd love to get through "babylon babies" and a couple of books my best friend sent me last year ("exiles" by ron hansen and "say you're one of them" by uwen akpan). also, scot mcknight came out with "blue parakeet" last year, which i'd love to read, too. . . .