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Still skipping stones

Beth recently inquired as to my aforementioned, somewhat frazzled state and asked if things are better. Heh, well, I’m still feeling a bit like a skipping stone. A lot of my writing energy is going into a freelance assignment. And then there was about a week of out-of-town guests (which we really enjoyed). And school stuff—like daily homework (I expected it for my fourth-grade daughter, but who knew my kindergarten son would get it, too?!) and upcoming commitments to pop popcorn for my kids’ school fundraiser and cutting out shapes for my son’s class (along with chaperoning his fieldtrip to a pumpkin farm). And there’s the Halloween deadline for the mile-long (okay, it’s not that long) Gryffindor scarf I’m knitting for my daughter (she’s trick-or-treating as Hermione). And of course, there’s also always the mountains of domestic chores and home management. My e-mail inbox is overflowing and I've really just about given up on my to-do lists. Our DVR is really packed, and the same three NetFlix DVDs have been sitting on the DVR for about four weeks. I’m not posting close to the amount of I’d like and I’m not doing near as much commenting on other folks’ blogs as I want. Or pointing to as many other blogs as I should. But I am reading them. So, thanks to all you out there who continue to stop by and for the wonderful diversions your own blogs provide during my skipping-stone days. Blessings!


Glad you're still "afloat". Hang in there.
Lauren W said…
I just love that L is going as Hermione for Halloween. You know that I'm going to need to see pictures, right?
Carmen Andres said…
lauren, consider that done! and beth, thanks for the encouragement, heh.