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Skipping stones

There are periods here and there in my life when tasks, events and responsibilities seem to come at me a little faster than I'd like. And that makes me feel a bit like a skipping stone--you know, those smooth edged rocks you spin across a pond to see how many times it will skip before it sinks or hits the other side (if you're lucky). When we visited Yosemite this summer, I actually skipped a stone four times; which wasn't all that great, actually, as my father-in-law did upwards of eight or so. Impressive. Anyway, recently I can't help but think of myself as one of those little stones, skimming across the water in an ever increasing rhythm. The question is, will I eventually reach the end of those skips and sink to rest beneath the bright, still waters--or am I going to slam into the other side of the pond? My 10-year-old daughter reassures me that there are piles of leaves on the other side, so it'll be a soft landing. Heh. I love that girl.

So, if my posts seem a little briefer than normal, well, now you know why.

(Image: mine)