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I had to quick screen capture this forcast before they go and change it, heh. It is early in these parts for snow, so if it comes to pass, it may indeed be a snowy winter that all those spiders and squirrels are predicting.

It is cold today. It was 41F when I picked up the kids from school this afternoon at 3pm, though it felt a lot colder because of the drizzle and wind. My fingers actually ached, and my nose is still cold. It really feels like it could be snow weather. Here's hoping.



Just drove home on a sea of "ice marbles" aka sleet/hail and it's coming your way - be safe!
Don Hendricks said…
Hey Carmen, I left Indianapolis this morning at six and it was 38 degrees, we landed at 11 am and three time zones earlier to another 90 degree day back in AZ.
Ken Brown said…
But remember, Global Warming is an Undeniable Fact!© ;)

Though, actually, it has been unseasonably warm here on the West Coast.
Carmen Andres said…
well, it's definately "global cooling" in this neck o' the woods, heh. however, we didn't get snow. it didn't quite make it this far south. i was surprised to find how sincerely disappointed i was, ack. sigh. wish i lived where beth does :)