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Will it be a snowy winter?

Last year at this time, you couldn't walk out the door without getting pelted by a shower of acorns, but this year the squirrels squired them all away. Seriously, they nibbled them all down from the trees (even the green ones) before they had a chance to fall to the ground and they've buried them in our yards. And the spiders. They are everywhere in the house, even though we've had the house treated by the bug guy. And the crickets. Pretty chirps, but, ew.

While not the most scientific of measurements, these are signs that folksy wisdom declares will herald a cold and snowy winter. You know what? I've got firewood. I've got a fireplace inside to warm the house and a chimera out front to warm up cold little hands that've played too long. And we've got good friends down the street with two kids who would make wonderful companions for those days when the whole Metro area shuts down.

So, let it snow. A lot. 'A really lot,' as my five-year-old son would say. Heh.

(Image: my back deck last winter)


Deanna said…
I found your blog through NonModern. We were coworkers in Germany. I've enjoyed your reviews/analysis of movies and tv scenes. Truth is found everywhere and is so accessible through story, so thanks for sharing.
Carmen Andres said…
deanna, thanks for stopping by - and for your encouraging and kind words. blessings!