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First day of fall

I may be feeling somewhat like a skipping stone right now, but I did take a few minutes today to enjoy the cool breezes, open windows, and Pavarotti's tenor on the player. Happy Fall!
(Image: through my dining room windows)


josephmcbee said…
Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. It always creates a wanderlust in me though. I like to get out and hike and camp and spend as much time out-of-doors as I possibly can.
Don Hendricks said…
102 in Phoenix today. More of the same. Cooler mornings. That was a fine picture. Enjoyed the article as well.

Carmen Andres said…
i saw on the weather channel that phoenix was over 100! sheesh, we were in the lower 70s today :) and re the article, thanks!

joe, my open-window habit is simply a veiled attempt to bring the out-of-doors inside, heh.
Pastor Taylor said…
Hi. Just found your blog today...will explore. The first day of Fall is something to celebrate! We even had a few cool breezes in south AL.
Carmen Andres said…
thanks for stopping by!