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Where we've been

I've been visiting folks in Alabama (and driving 13 hours each way through four states) the last few days. I thought I'd have internet access, but, well, no. Anyway, it was a good trip full of good friends and good food. Thanks, Lenore, for letting me experience once again those incredible tastes we shared last year! Now it's back to unpacking and catching up on the home front. Hope to blog more later.


Don said…
Glad you got to visit the deep south last week. My family including my grand kids spent four days in San Clemente and Two in San Diego, including Sea World, Its the standard Phoenix escape as you know, and we were treated to average temps in the low seventies. Had some good seafood and burnt my forehead off sitting on the beach staring at the ocean.
I love summer vaca. In a few weeks we are going home to Mississipppi for my high school reunion.
Don in AZ
Carmen Andres said…
heh, you're so right about san diego. we went there several times as a kid - and my folks still do. but i don't envy you hitting the deep south in mid summer. oiy, the humidity and heat! you should watch "cat on a hot tin roof" in anticipation, though. i believe it's set in the mid summer and wet clay of mississippi.