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Look what happened here today

About 3:00pm today, a strong line of storms moved through the D.C. Metro area--and, boy howdy, did that line move through! We were under a tornado warning (meaning they spotted enough rotation to warrent a warning) here in Prince William County, which they cancelled at a little before 3:o0pm. Just after that, however, the local news weather guy flashed up a radar screen showing rotation just above us. Heh. The wind whipped through here like crazy. My son and I waited until the last minute and after the worst of the wind went through to climb in the truck to get to my daughter's school (which was supposed to get out at 3:15). There were leaves, branches and trees down all over the place. Reminded me of the damage after the tornado that hit Montgomery while we were living there. I'm thinking it was straightline winds, though one of the teachers at my daughter's school said the noise inside the school during that time was incredible.

Storms don't worry me that much here, as the tornadoes are usually F0 or F1 (though the one that went through a town south of us last month was nearer an F3). I feel a lot more secure about my daughter in her school here than I did in Montgomery, where F4s are not unheard of. Amazing.

(Images: from my cell phone)


Ken Brown said…
It's just amazing how overwhelmingly powerful nature can be! No one was hurt, I hope?
Carmen Andres said…
we just finished our last round of tornado warnings for the night - and i'm really tired. this afternoon, one person was killed when their car was struck by a car, but no other deaths reported. this evening, however, a tornado was confirmed down near fredericksburg again, those poor folks. while i love storms, i'm ready for a break.
Don said…
Exciting day. I played golf here in 30 mph gusts. My sweet wife is already enjoying her summer vacation from Chandler Public School employment, but they start back on July 23.

Kari said…
We spent some quality time in our teeny powder room the other night when an F0 touched down not too far from here...our phone has been ringing off the hook with Notify the last couple of nights. But I'd rather that than not have it! (I only wish the girls wouldn't insist on our 75 pound dog who really needs a bath squeeze into the bathroom with us. Blech!)
Carmen Andres said…
30 mile per hour gusts in phoenix?! was there a dust storm too?! oh, how i loved those dust storms - amazing. i saw one from the air a few years back when i flew into the area. breathtaking.

kari, from tornadoes to a heat wave. arg, i'm actually wishing for the storms to come back!