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More tornado photos

Here are some more photos from the tornado
that jumped through Montgomery yesterday.
For more photos, see my previous post.
For larger versions of these photos, just click on them:

Above: An uncommon site in Walmart: no lines--and no cashiers.
They were all with we customers, clustered in the Ladies Wear
department during the Tornado Warning, which began at 9:53 a.m.
(Taken Nov. 15)

Above: And then the power went out around 10:15 a.m., the same
time the tornado was ripping through trees and buildings less than a
half mile to the east of us. Found out today that this Walmart didn't
get its power back until 2:00 a.m. this morning. (Taken Nov. 15)

Above: The building behind the saftey baricade is what used to be
the FunZone, a ware-house type facility that housed a skating rink and other kids'
entertainment features, as well as a daycare facility called Learning Zone.
31 children and 4 adults walked away from this--no deaths and no serious injuries.
(Taken Nov. 16)

Above: Across the street from the FunZone, was a group of businesses
(including our vet's office, which is the building with the blue tarps)
and an apartment complex. (Taken Nov. 16)

Above: A pile of twisted siding. You can see some of the lesser damaged
apartments in the background. For a photo showing more of the damage,
see my previous post. (Taken Nov. 16)

Above: These are bleachers from an athletic field which is on
the other side of the street. The main Post Office building is in
the background. (Taken Nov. 15)

Above: This is the AUM athletic field across the street from
the Post Office. You can see some siding hanging from a
broken-topped tree behind the tree that was uprooted. Also,
notice the water in the foreground. We got over four inches of
rain yesterday. (Taken Nov. 15)

Above: Trees snapped off like twigs. The swath of the path at this
point looks like it is about a football field width. (Taken Nov. 16)

Above: Across the highway from the previous photo
is this area of trees, also snapped off. (Taken Nov. 16)

Above: The sunset last night. Ironically, it was one of the most beautiful
we've had in months. (Taken Nov. 15)


David said…
Good grief, that looks really nasty. Amazing that everyone is ok and sorry about your shopping! Good pics.
Deb said…
(o) Glad that it was not worse... remembering scenes from growing up in Ohio and Xenia's destruction... wow...