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Babysitter secured!

After almost a year in Virginia, we finally found a babysitter—and we’ve scheduled our first outing for next weekend (she was booked this weekend). Heh, I’m almost giddy with excitement at the chance to go out with hubby on a regular basis (and the fact I'm blogging about this a week and a half ahead of time testifies to that giddiness). In Alabama, we would go out at least two or three times a month (more in the summertime), sometimes for a bite to eat but almost always to see a movie. I’m lucky that way, that I married a man who likes films, too. And that we have a wide intersection of the kinds of films we both like.

So, what are we going to see? Oh, the choices, the choices. There’s a few out there for which we’d pay the full price (now a whopping $10 in this neck of the woods), but it really boils down to one for our first outing: Iron Man. It’s a comic-book film—a favorite genre for this blogger—that’s not only getting rave reviews but also raking in the bucks. Plus, the hubby really wants to see this one, too.

And the next one? A movie freak like me can’t pass up the chance to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the fourth and much anticipated film in the Indy franchise, on its opening weekend. This blogger enjoys the movie going experience almost as much as the film itself. Especially blockbuster films like this one.

After that? Heh, with what’s already out plus what’s coming in the next month alone, there are more than enough to choose from. Off hand, there’s The Forbidden Kingdom (Jackie Chan plus Jet Li plus martial arts epic is a no-brainer for us), Prince Caspian (might see this one with the kids, or at least the older one), The Happening (though a Shyamalan fan, this his-first-rated-R might be too violent for me), The Incredible Hulk (have you seen the trailer?!), Don’t Mess with Zohan (we’re on-again-off-again Adam Sandler fans), and Get Smart (Steve Carell is also a favorite). Then later this summer there’s Hellboy II, Hancock, Swing Vote, The Dark Knight, Brideshead Revisited, Mummy III and Babylon AD to name just a few.

That sound you hear is me dancing and singing and shouting with glee. Heh.


Anonymous said…
My wife and I have seen Iron Man twice now and it lives up to all of the hype. You will love it. Downey Jr, is the perfect Tony Stark and Jeff Bridges' performance is amazing. I did a brief review of the film here: Enjoy the movie!
Carmen Andres said…
joseph, thanks for the confirmation! i'll look up your review after i see the film - this is one film i don't want to know the details of, heh. which is unusual for me :)