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TV Snapshots: More conversations with the Devil in 'Reaper'

The Devil, sensing a potential convert, approaches a bedraggled musician singing—rather badly—for money on a pier. He offers the musician his card, telling him he represents a recording company and suggests they could make a deal “beneficial” to the both of them. Sam pulls the Devil away and confronts him.

Sam: What are you doing?

Devil (grinning): What does it look like?

Sam: You’re setting that guy up so you can buy his soul.

Devil (laughing): Uh, duh, Sam.

Sam: C’mon, just leave him alone. He’s pathetic enough as it is.

Devil (playing along): Oh, yeah, well, Sam, maybe you’re right. If I’m hearing you correctly, you’re basically calling me a morally bankrupt, evil being.

Sam hesitates a moment.

Sam: Yes. More or less.

Devil: Then this makes perfect sense.

The Devil pushes Sam out of the way and walks back with an evil smile towards the musician.

--a scene from the “
Hungry for Fame” episode of The Reaper. For more about the show--and why it's on this blog--go here. reaperctgy

(Image: CW)