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Considering the 'Reaper'

I just watched my dvr'd copy of CW's Reaper, which focuses on 21-year-old Sam Oliver who discovers he's now the Devil's bounty hunter because his parents sold his soul to the devil (his dad was really sick and the Devil offered him a cure) before he was even conceived.

I honestly expected to not to like it. In fact, I expected to delete it and move on to all the other pilots and series premieres sitting on my way-too-long "to-watch" list. Oiy. While I might regret it in the long run, I have to admit I'm adding it to my list of shows to record this season.

Surprisingly, the pilot made me laugh out loud (more than once) and it didn't disappoint on the God-talk end. It strikes me as a cross between Clerks and Army of Darkness with a little Ghostbusters and Buffy thrown in. And there's a surprising amount of accurate God references: The Devil (played smarmily by Ray Wise) tells Sam at one point that he doesn't need to worry because he knows how the story comes out: "God wins." And another character reassures Sam by telling him no one can sell another's soul because God gives everyone free will as what to do with their own soul.

And the show (well, this pilot episode at least) walks that line: Sam has a choice, and he decides on his own that sending souls that escaped from hell back to eternal flames is an honorable thing to do (though he's also heavily motivated because the Devil threatens to take his mother if he doesn't). Yet, the series has well-laid the groundwork to illustrate just how slippery is the slope when one enters any kind of deal with the Devil--even for a "worthy cause."

In addition to this theme, I found the pilot episode littered with witty dialogue and laugh-out-loud moments (as well as some clever props, like a painting of apples in the Oliver's home and their address, which begins 667). And is just me, or does Bret Harrison (who plays Sam) remind anyone else of Ben Affleck and Tyler Labine (who plays Sock) of Kevin Smith (who wrote and directed the pilot)?

Anyway, all that's enough to keep me watching--at least, for now.

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Anonymous said…
the pilot episode of the Reaper Tv Show was too good and it is a very hilarious show. last thing any one would want is the deal with devil and poor Sam has got one before his birth. i liked this show so much that i download reaper from net