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TV Snapshots: A conversation with the Devil on 'Reaper'

Sam has just told Taylor, a girl he recently met, that he wants to slow things down between them. After she leaves the restaurant, Sam runs into the Devil at the bar, where the Devil taunts him.

Devil: You hear that? That's the sound of every man in the world laughing at you.

Sam: So you came here just to bust on me?

Devil: No, quite the contrary. I feel bad. I really do. I just wanted you to get the girl for once in your miserable life.

Sam: I really appreciate your concern but maybe I'm just not sure that's the girl I want.

Devil: Right, right, right, right. You're holding out for "true love." I told you, Sam, there is no such thing.

Sam looks at the Devil and finally gets it--

Sam: I couldn't figure out why you kept throwing Taylor in my path. It's not because you really care about me--

Devil: Hey, not true.

Sam: It's because your tempting me--again. You just want me to be more like you. But I'm not. I don't believe there's no such thing as love. And you know what, I don't believe that you believe that.

Devil (sarcastically): Wow. You know celibacy really makes you insightful.

Sam: Come on. You've been around since the dawn of time. Are you telling me you've never been in love?

Devil (smiling devilishly): Well, personally, I've always found lust to be quite satisfying.

Sam shakes his head and picks up his jacket--

Sam: Yeah. You would.

Sam leaves the Devil sitting at the bar, beer in hand. He switches the jukebox to a love song and sits quietly, alone.

From the "Love, Bullets and Blacktop" episode of Reaper. For more about the show--and why it's on this blog--go here.

(Image: from a previous episode; copyrighted by the CW) reaperctgy