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Trek film update

IGN gives us an idea of how the crew is rounding out in the upcoming Star Trek film:
Whomever plays Captain James T. Kirk must be between 23-29 and in "great physical condition" (no Shat paunch?!). Actors should also be 6' tall or under.

Dr. McCoy will not be the middle-aged ship's physician immortalized by DeForrest Kelley but rather a "danger-loving" 28-32 year-old. Lt. Uhura is around 25 years-old and "tom-boyish" (was Nichelle Nichols tom-boyish?).

Lt. Sulu is described as "extremely fit" and a "wildcat" between the ages of 25-32; Japanese actors are preferred but the role is open to all Asian-American actors.

The only requirements to play U.S.S. Enterprise chief engineer Scotty is for the actor to be between 28-32 and to "be able to do a flawless Scottish accent!"

Notably, the characters of Chekov, Yeoman Rand and Nurse Chapel were not listed. Is it possible these characters are not in the film?
Spock, as previously announced, has already been cast.

Heh, this is not your father's Star Trek. Still no word on what the storyline will entail.
(Image: copyrighted by Paramount)


Mirtika said…
Too bad Gerard Butler is too old. Now, there's a Scotty I could get really excited over. :D

James McAvoy? Scottish accent. Very nice face. Love him. That's my suggestion.