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Jericho and Galactica

News is out that nuclear apocolypse drama Jericho (a fav of this blog, especially for its Prodigal Son plot) is renewed for at least seven episodes. I must admit, I've got mixed feelings about that. During the season finale (which forboded the death of a major character), I sat on the couch and swore I would never watch this show again if they killed off Johnston Green (who'd become my fav character)--but, alas, he died leading the Jericho folks in defense of their farms and towns. Yes, they'd played through the prodigal son issues, bestowing forgiveness, acceptance and love on prodigal son Jake and older brother Eric (remember, the older son in the parable had big issues in need of forgiveness, too). But, sheesh, Johnston was the best character on this too-often bordering on B-level series. Oh well.
Also, news was out awhile back that Battlestar Galactica (a top fav of this blog) will end its run with 22 episodes next season. Though I really like this series (and it's critically acclaimed for its writing and acting), I deeply appreciate that the story will have a definitive conclusion. It's something I respected about Babylon 5, too.

Now, back to unpacking all those boxes. Ack.