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Putting down stakes

Well, it took me a bit longer than I anticipated to get back online, but here I am (thanks to my genius hubby--those wireless connection thingies are beyond me).

The move was relatively uneventful, though exhausting (as moves usually are). The kitchen is unpacked (I thought I would never finish)—except for one or two elusive boxes that hide (among other things I'm not yet missing) the pot for my crockpot and the dohookies for my stovetop espresso maker. The bedrooms also got unpacked and are relatively box-free, which makes them the place I want to be instead of the living room, which is still way boxy. Tomorrow, the main living areas get tackled. As for the basement, well, lets just say I’m waiting for some rainy days, heh.

Anyway, it’s nice to be setting up camp.


Mirtika said…
Yay, new root-putting-down. :)

BTW, where do you get all the great pics you post on here? Is there a secret "great pics for blogs" place that I have yet to discover? :)

Carmen Andres said…
mir, i used to use a lot of flikr creative commons attribution photos but i've been using wikipedia commons photos as most of them are public domain or nominally copyrighted. fyi, it's important to give photo credits/attribution if not public domain.