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'Heroes', '24', 'Lost' get two Globe nods each

Well, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globe nominees were made public today. Ack, I’ve not seen any of the films in the motion pictures categories (except for Pirates of the Caribbean, which doesn’t really count as it’s not nominated for any awards itself but nudges in with best actor nominee Johnny Depp), but I have seen one of the three in the animated category: Cars. Heh, that fits with our current lifestyle being that we see the vast majority of our films on DVD and not in the theater—and most of those are family flicks.

On the small-screen end, however, three of this blog’s favorite shows have been nominated for best drama (each receiving additional nods in best acting categories): Heroes (with Masi Oka in a best supporting category), 24 (with Kiefer Sutherland in a best actor category) and Lost (with Evangeline Lilly in a best actress category). Also of note by the blog is Robert Duvall’s nomination as best actor in a miniseries, that being Broken Trail (which is also nominated for best miniseries).

Notable tidbits: Helen Mirren, Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio are all nominated twice, motion picture Babel has seven nominations, and small-screen-wise three new shows got nods. The scuttlebutt on the nominations—and who will win? The mill’s just gotten started, but you can read here, here, here, here or here for starters. Awards to be given out January 15.

(Image: HFPA via Wikipedia)