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Looking beneath the surface

A must-read followup to this blog's link to the Newsweek's story on Billy Graham is GetReligion Terry Mattingly's Aging Billy finally achieves humility, says Jon, an insightful critique of the agendas and underlying issues taking place in the article.

This hidden agenda thing is what's rankling me with the making and coverage of the Jesus Camp documentary. While there may be some relevant criticisms of evangelicalism developing out of critiques of the film, the filmmakers seem to have a bit of an agenda as well (as explored by this reviewer who actually liked the film). And hidden manipulative agendas under the guise of seeking truth bug the heck out of me. But then I haven't seen the film yet, and coverage of it has been limited in mainstream Christian publications. Which is why I'm not ready to spill too much of my thoughts about it yet.

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