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God-talk Miscellany XV

While you're drinking your morning coffee, check out these links to God-talk in the open spaces:

Not to toot my own horn (ok, I am), but in your infobaun travels stop by the United Methodist Reporter and read Arrests, apologies and extending grace—that’s me! And, while you’re there check out another review of World Trade Center.

Speaking of WTC, check out Mattingly’s So Lieberman and Stone walk into a bar over at GetReligion—if only because that headline is I-wish-I’d-written-it so cool. Heh.

Reuters reports that a Loki Films documentary called Jesus Camp (a “documentary about a retreat for born-again Christian children”) has been picked up for distribution. Clips of the film, which showed at Tribeca, are available at Variety. For reviews, check out Loki Film’s press page or head over to Sojourners. I couldn't find anything at Christianity Today or Hollywood Jesus. [Hmm. Sigh. Umm. Heavy sigh. I'm not ready to comment on this one yet.]

If you’re into doing church in new ways, check out this intriguing article about bringing Web 2.0 technology into church experience.

Christian News Northwest has an article on the emerging movement in their neck of the woods, a good piece if you aren’t familiar with the movement and want an overview. And here’s a group experimenting with putting emerging into practice nearer to my neck o’ woods.

Scattered by Katrina, Linked by a Church is an unusual but bordering-on beautiful piece. It is full of names and faces of the flock. It’s about the church, so—appropriately—it’s more about the people than the building.

Via Pew Forum, check out Pilgrim’s Progress, Newsweeks’ profile on Billy Graham. Here’s a taste: "'All my life I've been taught how to die, but no one ever taught me how to grow old,' Graham remarked one day to his daughter Anne Graham Lotz. 'And I told him, 'Well, Daddy, you are now teaching all of us'.' The lesson of age, Anne says, is this: 'When you get older, secondary things, like politics, begin to fall away, and the primary thing becomes primary again—and for Daddy, the primary thing is, as Jesus said, to try to love God totally, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.'" Amen.

Also via Pew Forum comes the Washington’s Times article about how the “morning-after pill” Maker Revives 'Morning-After' Fight to sell the med without a prescription.

Here’s an article about a group in Houston trying to support those who are Christians among actors, filmmakers, writers and others in the Hollywood industry who live in the area.

Fox and Philip Anschutz’s Walden Media (which brought us The Chronicles of Narnia) announced that they “have formed a joint venture to produce and market family friendly films.” They “will market and promote films generally rated G and PG, including movies that will be contributed to the venture by both Walden and Fox. . . . ‘G and PG-rated pictures make up 10 percent of films released, but they dominate the marketplace with almost 30 percent of the gross,’ Fox Filmed Entertainment co-chairmen and chief executives Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman said in a statement. ‘It's a great business to be in and this venture is a great fit between our two companies.’”

And finally, while not so much a God-talk piece as it is just plain interesting, here is a Washington Post piece chronicling the power of blogging.

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