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Jesus’ early years get upcoming screen time

Here’s some news on two upcoming films about Jesus, both featuring his early years:

First, a look at his very early years. Christianity Today’s Reel News points to the new teaser and web site for Nativity (now being called The Nativity Story?), a film about Mary, Joseph and the birth of Jesus which this blog’s been following. The web site also has film stills, which are worth the look. The film is due out this December, and it looks oh-so-promising.

And here’s another news piece (also pointed to by CT): Anne Rice’s Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt (which this blog reviewed and liked) looks like it is bound for the big screen. According to UPI, “Good News Holdings, a Los Angeles agency producing faith-based multimedia content, acquired film rights.” Who the heck is Good News Holdings? Well, my friends, this 2005-founded company is owned by none other than “George Barna, author and researcher of Christian trends.” Also running the company, according to the article: former Paramount President David Kirkpatrick; former Microsoft branding consultant Christopher Chisholm; former Today show producer Martha Cotton; former Barna Group partner Thom Black and former Silicon Valley chipmaker Rich Christopher. Empire Online reports that “Rice will adapt her bestseller Christ The Lord: Out Of Egypt for the company, which is currently trying sell to a studio. The first book in a planned series sees Jesus turn seven and start to realise that his life might be a little different from that of other kids. The plot will also cover his family’s move to Nazareth.” Rice’s opinion on the religious-themed movies out there? "I thought The Passion Of The Christ was magnificent. Da Vinci Code I found to be profoundly offensive and tragically disconnected from the world of those who believe in Christ. The idea of people running around, willing to kill one another over whether Jesus was married, that was ridiculous and appalling. This was old fashioned gothic horror having a field day with the Church."


(Image: New Line)


kevin beck said…
I just found your blog. Thanks for the heads up.