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Can you summarize the Gospel in 10 words or less?

Recently, Andrew Jones (aka, the Tall Skinny Kiwi) was invited--along with a group of other bloggers--to Summarize the Gospel in 10 Words or Less. Why? Says, host blogger Demian Farnworth, "The thinking behind the post is essentially this: If you can’t summarize what you believe in ten words, do you truly understand what you believe?" The results (as well as those left in the comments section) are interesting--and diverse. It's worth a look-see.

It also challenged me to come up with my own version--one which I fully disclose, admit and put forth lifts verbatim from Scot McKnight's own summary of the Gospel of which I am so fond:
Jesus reconnects us to God, ourselves, others and the world.
Of course, like Farnworth says, a tiny summary like this isn't meant to explain the rich nature of the Story and God's gift to us in Jesus. But, this exercise is good for me. And I'm finding it a bit addictive--perhaps it's my fascination with words? or maybe a ramification of all that tweeting? Either way, I can't help but contemplate other ways to encapsulate the Story (some of which may make it back here).

In the meantime, care to take a shot?
(Image: mine)