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Another from FoxFaith

Speaking of FoxFaith, they've put up on their website a teaser for another project, The Final Inquiry:
Three years after the Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, rumors that he is a prophet who has risen from the dead are inciting the people to rebel against their Roman rulers. In an effort to control the unrest, the roman Emperor Tiberius sends Taurus, a loyal Roman official, to Judea to find Jesus or his missing body and disprove the story. Taurus soon finds himself hampered in his investigation by governor Pontius Pilate (who is anxious to keep the details of Jesus’ last moments on Calvary from becoming public knowledge) and drawn deeply into a maze of passion and faith.
I haven't been able to find anything else on the film (even at IMDB) other than FoxFaith's blurb. Anyone else?

UPDATE: FilmChat's Peter Chattaway points out that the film "sounds an awful lot like that remake of The Inquiry that premiered in Italy just before New Year's Day." Huh.