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Bringing God-talk back to open spaces

Some of you have noticed that I took a break from blogging for about a year. It was less intentional than due to an influx of responsibilities and pursuits—from settling into a new job with a local social services agency to going through the college application process for my oldest child and getting my youngest prepared for high school.

In particular, I have had some amazing opportunities to advocate for refugees. My job connected me to the resettlement agencies in our region, and over the past year, I began helping to inform our community as well as congregations about the refugee crisis, connecting them to resettlement agencies and working to develop ways to both embrace refugees who have resettled in our communities as well as those languishing in camps and settlements around the world. It is exciting and encouraging work—one which I hope to share more about both here and at For Such a Time is Now in the coming months.

It’s been a full and good year, but I have missed taking the time to share the questions, epiphanies and good stuff I run across, from television and film to theology and church. So, I'm turning the page, jumping back in, and hopefully, bringing new God-talk into these open spaces.


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Welcome back!
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