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They need much

Young Syrian refugee living in a tent settlement in the Lebanon | copyright Carmen Andres

It has been a long week, full of long days--sick kids, doctor appointments, back to school nights and meetings, work hours, work conference, phone calls, bills, cleaning, shopping, editing, gas stations and oil changes. And it's still not over.
Yet, every time I leave home, I know it will be there when I get back. When my kids get sick, my biggest struggle is coordinating schedules to get them to the doctor. I have a job--a good one that I love--and money to get food, gas and oil.
As tired as I get, it isn't even close to the exhaustion of millions of mothers and fathers living in tent settlements and refugee camps.
They had homes, cars and jobs; now they have nothing. Their kids went to school; now far too many work long hours for less than $10 a day. If they get sick, there are few if any doctors to help them.
We have much; they need much.
We can help.
This is a repost of a blog post made at For Such a Time is Nowa website I developed to raise awareness of the Syrian and Iraqi refugee crisis, where you can find out more about the crisis and how you can help.