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'The Giver' featurette reveals closer ties to the novel

Today, the above featurette was released for The Giver--though it's more of a teaser trailer mixed with a little behind-the-scenes content--and it puts to rest one of the concerns fans had regarding the big screen adaptation of the Newberry Award winning novel. In the novel, color plays a big role in Jonus' journey in a world where most characters see in black and white. His gradual ability to see in color mirrors his growing awareness of the real world. When the first trailer came out in full color, fans began to wonder if the film would ignore this integral aspect. 

Well, doubt no more. One of the main threads in this featurette is the movement from black and white to full color. 

On Twitter, actor Cameron Monaghan, who plays Asher in the film, stated that the transition between black and white and color was planned all along: "I would also like to clarify that this wasn't a last-minute conversion to black and white. We shot the film this way, and always planned it." Producer Nikki Silver confirmed this in her own tweet. Last month, I had a conversation with executive producer Ralph Winter and he verified this as well.

In addition, I gotta say that I loved the way the color metaphor was introduced in the featurette, pulling an important image straight from the novel. Couple that with the opening voice over and suffice to say I am looking forward to this movie even more.