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Watching the power go out again in NBC's recent extended preview for 'Revolution'

NBC released a new extended trailer for its post-apocalyptic
Revolution—though, really, it doesn’t have much we haven’t seen before, the notable exception being new footage of Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell  who replaced the actress originally playing Charlie’s mom.

As a side note, this series is being anticipated with growing interest in our household. The subject of widespread power loss has been a topic at our dinner table over the last few months as my husband has been spending quite a bit of time analyzing the threat of solar storms on the world’s power grids. (You can read about him and some of his work in this Reuter’s article, “Solar superstorm could knock out U.S. power grids.”) At the very least, it’ll be interesting to see how the series deals with and portrays the effects of power loss on a massive scale.