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A new gig

MWR graciously invited me to write a periodic column about popular culture and faith and named it after this blog. My first column? It's all about how the stories we find on television, film, in books and elsewhere in culture bring God-talk into open spaces: 
I love good stories. Most of us can name favorites — a novel, short story, film, television show, something we read in a magazine or newspaper or heard somewhere. 
There are as many ways to tell good stories as there are forms of art and human creativity. Each form brings unique aspects to the story being told. 
One of my favorite things about all good stories is the way they bring God-talk into open spaces. 
Among other things, good stories explore what it means to be human and live in this world. They get at who we are and why we do the things we do. They tell us something about ourselves, the world we live in and the people around us. 
And the best stories are true — not that they actually happened but that they reflect human nature and the way the world works. They reflect, in essence, something of the truest and best Story, the one in which we all live and breathe....
You can read the rest here at MWR.