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TV Snapshot: On forgiveness

In the “A Cinderella Story” episode of Fox's quirky procedural drama The Finder, former lawyer Leo Knox is talking with Willa Monday, who is on probation and under Leo’s supervision. Willa ambushed and assaulted the man responsible for the death of Leo's wife and daughter in a misguided attempt to repair her relationship with Leo and make up for a mistake she made earlier.
Leo: Violence comes from anger. I know what I’m talking about. 
Willa: Because Nathan Stein made a decision he knew would kill your wife and daughter? 
Leo: When I set out to kill Nathan Stein, Walter stopped me. That’s why we’re all together now. 
Willa (trying to understand): I know it made you glad to see that man all bruised and beaten up. 
Leo: My heart soared. But what my heart needs is to forgive. 
Willa: He doesn’t deserve it! 
Leo: I deserve it. You deserve it. 
Willa pauses. 
Willa: What was your daughter’s name? 
Leo turns to look at her. 
Leo: Ellie. Her name was Ellie, and I loved her. 
Willa is silent. 
Willa: Thank you for forgiving me.