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More news on 'Riddick'

Concept art for Riddick via Movie Moron

Moviehole has posted some news (including that casting has begun) on Riddick, the third installment in the science fiction film series about our anti-hero (Vin Diesel) that began with Pitch Black and continued with Chronicles of RiddickWe get more information on characters and plot, which reveals much of the film will likely take place on a hostile world with dangerous critters and equally dangerous mercenaries bent on hunting down Riddick. If that sounds somewhat reminiscent of the first film, Moviehole confirms that this is on purpose: "... Riddick is a direct sequel to Pitch Black – the events tie into that film. In much the same way the upcoming Dark Knight Rises will tie up any loose threads and plot points from Batman Begins, Riddick will return to the mystery and monsters at the centre of Pitch Black.” Interestingly, there seems very little reference to or presence of the events and implications of the second film, though who knows at this point if that is how it will play out as the film develops.

Riddick cuts a ruthless and violent figure (the first film is rated R) and doesn't seem a likely candidate for a God-talk blog. But his story has brought some good God-talk into these open spaces, so it is with some interest I'll keep following the development of this next installment featuring this prophesied Furian who is destined to deliver the universe from evil and save us all.

Hat tip to /Film. You can read my reflections on the first two films here and here.