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HBO to offer series exploring the Rapture. Yes, that Rapture.

According to Variety, HBO is teaming with Tom Perrotta (author of the acclaimed Little Children) to develop a series based on Perrotta's upcoming novel The Leftovers (due August 30) that "explores the Rapture and how the sudden disappearance of loved ones in a suburban town affects everyone left behind." 

By now, you may be somewhere between rolling your eyes at the possibility of another Left Behind or you are piqued by that very idea. But you should know this novel doesn’t sound much like the LaHaye/Jenkins franchise. According to Publisher’s Weekly, the novel is riddled with grief that “focuses on four members of a family that survives a world-shattering event in which people randomly disappear, dividing the world into Before and After.” The event is treated as “secular” rather than religious, though the story itself “charts the spiritual journeys that two members of the family begin after the traumatic event.” In another PW review, one of those journeys takes place in the context of “the Guilty Remnant, a cult that still believes the end of the world is nigh” and the other “under the sway of a charlatan religious healer” resulting in “a cruel disillusionment.

And now you may again be somewhere between that eye-rolling or pique. As for me, I’m curious. And I’d be interested to know of other reviews as they pop up—drop a link in the comments if you run across one.

Huge hat tip on this one to film critic and guru Peter Chattaway.