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Catching up

It's been awhile since there's been a post on this blog, but there's a good reason: We bought a house closer to D.C. and have spent the last few months moving ourselves into it and making it our home. While an exhausting, all-consuming and sometimes stressful process (what move isn't?), it has also been somewhat freeing--especially in going through and giving away a bunch of stuff that we had accumlated but don't need or don't use. And while it was sad to leave friends and a space we knew well, we were reminded of the gift and joy of being a family; one of my kids commented how wonderful it is that "we get to take each other with us no matter where we live." Amen.


I hear ya, Carmen. Mike left for IL in January. He started taking loads back with him each visit. Now that my girl finished school for the year, we're taking loads over each weekend to where Mike is. I've been amazed at how much "stuff" we've acquired and how little we truly need. :) We'll be with Mike full-time once we muscle over the last of the "big stuff" (like beds, dressers, etc) Fourth of July weekend. A slow move indeed but it's given me a chance to free us of some much unimportant stuff! :)