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Things movies made me afraid of

Universal Pictures via YouTube
In honor of October and the month's scary themes, here is a list of things from movies that now make me jump, give me chills, cause me to shudder or generally creep me out:

1. Sharks
2. Wood chippers
3. Birds
4. Ventriloquist dummies
5. Hockey masks
6. Spiders. Okay, those things have always creeped me out.
7. Television static
8. Empty Colorado hotels. And typewriters.
9. Showers with shower curtains
10. Proms. Actually, I’ve always found those things frightening, too.

Et vu?


To quote my Facebook status of a few days ago:

"Peter T. Chattaway can never, ever turn the light off in his apartment building's basement storage area without remembering a scene from Pitch Black and being mildly freaked out by the memory. And he hasn't even seen that film since it first came out a decade ago."
Carmen Andres said…
roflol! which scene?! that movie definitely takes things that lurk in the dark to a new level, lol. tho i suppose it also takes the power of light to dispel what lurks in the darkness to a new level, too.
Ken Brown said…
Clowns. Or maybe it was the circus that made me hate those....
Carmen Andres said…
i've never liked clowns either . . .